I have been seated in the same bent and broken desk at Greencastle High School for the last four years, etching questions on my brain that only cut deeper and deeper everyday, now more than ever:
What am I going to learn here? I've yet to answer that question.
Where am I going to use this stuff? Two words: Standardized Tests, after that, nowhere.
And now, last but not least... Why is there such a gap in the relationship between teachers and students? Because, my dear friend, teachers get paid whether the students care, do their work, pass, or none of the above -- and that's enough for them.

While High School wasn't the ideal time in my life, I really made myself learn valuable real-life lessons on accident. For example, Spanish I my Sophomore year I learned that eating germ-x gives you explosive diarrhea when consuming too much. I also learned that licking a paper clip and sticking into a light socket sends a person flying across the room, and that substitutes actually write people up for it, and that throwing a pencil at a hanging day-of-the-dead mobile does not make the mobile come to life and the pencil does NOT travel into a 3rd dimension. Of course, these were not first hand experiences, but I watched enough to know better.

I also learned that you can't hide from a homosexual new student on the cat-walk of the auditorium when you play hide and seek in the dark. It turns out that's the first place they venture to and that was first hand experience.

When going into the girl's bathroom, never look at said new-student in a weird way when you find him in the bathroom. He won't like the fact he's embarrassed because he walked into the wrong bathroom. Walk out politely, and find a different bathroom that is less likely to have a gay guy washing his hands.

Last, but not least and my favorite lesson of all -- Never teach your geometry teacher something cool, like a secret handshake, or loan him the latest edition of Twilight. The handshake will no longer be secret, cool, and it'll get old faster than his uptight butt scootin' down the hallways yelling "SO NO WAY TO PDA" or yanking hats off of students... on Free Hat Day. I can not take credit for making this shake up. I would be shot dead by all of his present and future students. Oh the book? He lost it.

I don't think I would ever learn these lessons had I not went to high school, so I have to be somewhat thankful. I guess...