Writing on this blog certainly has been a long time. I get into these writing moods and I think "Great! This is going to last!" and it ends up fizzling. However, I'm back!

I have written a couple things in the past month that I will post later, mainly spiritual things. I also have started up a new website for my stitchery and crafts, http://gertsstitchery.yolasite.com. You should check it out if you're interested in needlework and patterns. I'm still trying to set up how to buy and pay for things I make, though. So it's not finished.

Lately, I've just been extremely lazy, mainly due to the fact I'm so tired of being pregnant. But, what can I do? Only 13 more weeks! I didn't want a baby shower at first, but I think I'm getting more excited about it as the time comes closer.
Heath did start work last week. Finally, income! Now we're just waiting on to be told when to buy the next stuff for the attic, and the wedding bands, and we'll be set to be married! I'm really excited about that, too.

Well, that's the best update I can give for you right now. Happy webbing!