The setting of this particular event is in one of the most pecular places one can have an inspiration. The potty room. On top of that, a public potty room. Please don't feel offended, and don't shy away from this story. I promise you, it is worth reading.
     Walking down the long endless hallway of the restroom, I had no idea what was in store for me, and I never realized how easy it is for me to forget things I really need to do. I won't mention those things. For some reason I happened to pick the stall next to the wall. The far left. The 5th one. I hate odd numbers, but I think now that God called me to this stall.
     As I shut the door to the stall, I noticed something written on a piece of metal that was attached to the wall, holding up the door and its hinges. It read:

If you are a virgin, write your name below:

Directly underneath that, were two opposite answers:

I am!!! and
But I'm not!! HAHA!

Usually, these things disgust me, but this time, a small note caught my attention. Above the entire graffiti was a very tiny, yet loud and very judgemental statement:

I'm a virgin, it's better than being a slut or whore and flaunting it.

She (or at least I really hope it was a she) is, to an extent, right, but I think she was far more in the wrong area. It got me thinking and it took about me about 5.2 seconds for my mind to race with inspiration at 60 miles an hour. I took out my pencil and I wrote, in large letters, on the stall door:

I may be a virgin, but that doesn't mean I'm a prude and I think I'm better than any girl that's had sex or any guy I've been with. It just means I have enough self respect to keep that innocence until I marry the right man. And, so what if I'm not a virgin? If it's not my fault, then is it your business to call me a whore or a slut, like the people you fawn over and wish to be like? Not being a virgin doesn't give you the right to judge me. It could just mean that I made a mistake once, or that I can't get away from an addiction. Either way, I'm sorry that these comments were ever put on this stall. Whoever reads this, please know that no one can belittle you because of the choices that you have or haven't made.

    With that written down, I was 4 minutes late to my English class. If I had been wasting my time talking to a friend, that would have bothered me. Not this time. I felt good. I am confident that someone read that and thought twice about judging someone else. Everyone has their shortcomings, and the fact that it mattered so much to one person who was a virgin or not is appalling. Maybe I'm appalling for taking a stand like that. It just means more work for the janitor. Or perhaps it will give insight to the janitor that not all kids are ignorant and obnoxious.
     When I was younger, I didn't care who was a virgin or not. I don't even think I knew what a virgin was. To be honest, I probably didn't care, I still don't, and I wish now that other people would spend their time worrying about something else. Teen sex and pregnancy is a part of a daily life at high school, and every one is sucked in - maybe not physically, but mentally. You can't get from A to B without hearing something sexual.
     Parents, listen. Your kids are going through an earthly hell. It is your job to help us get through these trials. We can't illegalize teen sex. Sometimes we can't prevent it either. In fact, teen sex and pregnancy aren't really the issues at hand. There, on that stall, was nothing but discrimination, loyalty to how other people feel, and the peer pressure.