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Power and Beauty and Truth

Posted by Emily Brooks on Thursday, November 12, 2009,
" I am powerful beyond measure",
she says.
I wish I were, too.
Powerful, beautiful, trusted -
As a human, individual and
as an adult.

Silence is a solution,
unless you have something to say.
Here the power comes in,
to just speak what needs said.

Beauty, factored on the inside,
does not belong as a prisoner.
Beautiful deserves to be heard,
at any cost...

and truth.
Brutal, yet selfless.
To be trustworthy
is to be powerful,
and beautiful.

Power can not be weakened,
because then it becomes blan...

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Posted by Emily Brooks on Saturday, May 23, 2009,

I waited so long

For that tiny

Little lifeline

That I held in my pocket.

You know –

The one that makes

A little boy shrink

In embarrassment

From a kiss forced

On his cheek

By his mother.

I waited. And waited.

And I’m still waiting.

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"Secrets" Poems

Posted by Emily Brooks on Saturday, May 23, 2009,

Each one of these is a seperate poem, written on seperate paper, I just didn't want to waste posts over these, in case it didn't interest someone. This is a newer form of writing, and something I've just picked up on within the last few months.

I finally threw out

All the poems

That I couldn’t

Let go of




I never really

Wrote anything

About you.




I’m afraid of so much

More than what I’ve told you.

I wish I could write

Everything down,

But I don’t ...

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Posted by Emily Brooks on Saturday, May 23, 2009,

I take back my heart,

My shattered heart.


I take back my hope,

Your stolen hope.


I take back my tears,

All those salty tasting tears.


But,. I would take you back.

If you would just come back.*


*Disclaimer: Not a love poem.

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Blaming God for a Hundred Years

Posted by Emily Brooks on Saturday, May 23, 2009,

Blaming God for a Hundred Years


You blamed God for the car,

That would eventually take you far.


You blamed God for sinking your ship,

When the aluminum metal was simply stripped.


You blamed God for the second world war,

And sent away the Japanese, afraid of more.


You blamed God for those men

That built camps and went against Him.


You blamed God for cancer and death,

When everyone takes their last breath.


You blamed God for the Twins,

Yet continued to soak in you...

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Dear Life

Posted by Emily Brooks on Saturday, May 23, 2009,

Dear Life –

Thanks a lot. Thanks for computer crashes and stock crashes and everything in between. Thanks for dirty feet and dirty minds, cold weather and for cold mothers. Thanks a ton for protein bars that can’t even taste good, and for candy bars that taste too good. Thanks for small talk with strangers and small walks with mom. Thanks for failing me when I deserved it and thanks for failing me when I didn’t deserve it. Thanks for reruns of my favorite shows and the last seat on th...

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Posted by Emily Brooks on Saturday, May 23, 2009,

I remember the frustration –

“I did nothing wrong!”

When everything I did

Was nothing short incorrect.

I remember the tears welling up inside –

“No, I’ll be okay”

and I got used to disappointment

and losing on this very day.

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Looking for Home

Posted by Emily Brooks on Thursday, May 21, 2009,
I walked behind my father
picking up stones while he
picked up golf balls
in the back field.
I would stretch my strides
to fit his footprints
in the mud.

I watched my mother
cooking spaghetti and
breaking the noodles
in half to fit in my little mouth.
Outside I would break twigs
to length my mother
always did, pretending
to be a chef.

I walked behind my father
that last time he left
trying to get one last kiss
to last me "til next time".
After school I aways waited
for his maroon honda
to never show up.

I wat...
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Whatever You Do...

Posted by Emily Brooks on Thursday, May 7, 2009,
Life has its phases,
and its time is so bleak.
It travels across the faces
of every race, rich and weak.

The frailty of hope
chases faith held inside.
Give a friend comfort to cope,
and the permission to cry.

"Whatever you do
may seem insignificant..."
to you,
"...but it is most important,
that you do it".

The quote at the end of this poem can be found on the overpass on the corner of 10th and Sherman Ave. in Indianapolis. Everytime I pass it on my way to dad's, it makes a bigger impact on me. Eventually ...
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Posted by Emily Brooks on Saturday, May 2, 2009,

Life; as it is

falling apart like we've predicted

Love; as it is

depressingly vindictive

Someone has to hurt

while the other one feeds

one has to live

while the other bleeds

Love; heartache

just two more words for devotion

let it consume your thoughts

for it controls your emotions.

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Posted by Emily Brooks on Friday, May 1, 2009,
Reaching in the sky for an incentive;
inspiration and happiness are too intensive -
My hands and heart up in the clouds,
and when I brought them down:
Inspiration from the God above,
with every bit of passion and love.
I did not search and seek for dawn,
after Day's curtain had been drawn.
Instead I rested on the earth -
Next to that open, natural hearth.
When Rain wakened me with a gentle drop,
I began my Journey, to the mountain top.
It wasn't easy, at times I fell.
But I was so determined to excel,
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"Where I Belong"

Posted by Emily Brooks on Friday, May 1, 2009,

I've been so demanded,
and brainwashed convinced,
that the world in which I belong,
is where monsters exist.
When others are dreaming
of their wedding day,
I am stuck chasing
my nightmares away.
No helpful solutions,
as normal as can be,
can push them far enough
from coming back to me.
When I close my eyes,
and drift off to sleep,
here are the things
that my mind seems to keep.

I wrote this about my nightmares. Everynight I have some kind of nightmare.. and this has been going on for about a year and a hal...

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"Bring a Guest"

Posted by Emily Brooks on Friday, May 1, 2009,

Bring a Guest”

..And so I brought you,
Where my heart said “you're invited,
Bring a guest”.

The party was a masquerade,
but you brought yourself
to find a thousand realities
to my one and only fairy tale,
each one raising their glasses
to the end of the long awaited story.

I didn't expect to find what I witnessed.
The day it was raining
not one single idea was dampened
with regret.
Somehow laughter was created
from the bits and pieces
of broken yesterdays,
shattered by someone else.

I br...

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