I found this new Hard-Rock Cafe poster, and for some reason it has inspired me to think more about baby.

I've decided if I have a girl (and we already have a nickname thanks to Sissy, my aunt - Gert), I want her to be fiesty. I don't want a dainty little girl who won't get her fingernails dirty. I want her to be what she wants to be, my dreams for her are not the dreams she has to live by. I've learned, by being a daughter myself, that Parents have an impact on their children more than they think makes a difference.

I've decided that's if it's a boy, I want him to be a fun little kid. The kind that flushes rubber duckies down the toilet and hides from us when we try to make him take a bath. I also want for him to have his own dreams, and I don't want my suggestions to shape who he wants to be. That's not fair, I can't live my life vicariously through my children. All I know is that I will be there to encourage both of them down a good-choice path, not a bad one.

Either way, I found this picture and I loved it. Photo-shopped or not.