Blaming God for a Hundred Years

May 23, 2009

Blaming God for a Hundred Years


You blamed God for the car,

That would eventually take you far.


You blamed God for sinking your ship,

When the aluminum metal was simply stripped.


You blamed God for the second world war,

And sent away the Japanese, afraid of more.


You blamed God for those men

That built camps and went against Him.


You blamed God for cancer and death,

When everyone takes their last breath.


You blamed God for the Twins,

Yet continued to soak in your sins.


You blamed God for too long.

You blamed God and you were “strong”.


You blamed God into fame…

And now you have no one to blame.

* I don't like the first stanza, I just can't make myself get rid of it.


Dear Life

May 23, 2009

Dear Life –

Thanks a lot. Thanks for computer crashes and stock crashes and everything in between. Thanks for dirty feet and dirty minds, cold weather and for cold mothers. Thanks a ton for protein bars that can’t even taste good, and for candy bars that taste too good. Thanks for small talk with strangers and small walks with mom. Thanks for failing me when I deserved it and thanks for failing me when I didn’t deserve it. Thanks for reruns of my favorite shows and the last seat on th...

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May 23, 2009

I remember the frustration –

“I did nothing wrong!”

When everything I did

Was nothing short incorrect.

I remember the tears welling up inside –

“No, I’ll be okay”

and I got used to disappointment

and losing on this very day.

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Looking for Home

May 21, 2009
I walked behind my father
picking up stones while he
picked up golf balls
in the back field.
I would stretch my strides
to fit his footprints
in the mud.

I watched my mother
cooking spaghetti and
breaking the noodles
in half to fit in my little mouth.
Outside I would break twigs
to length my mother
always did, pretending
to be a chef.

I walked behind my father
that last time he left
trying to get one last kiss
to last me "til next time".
After school I aways waited
for his maroon honda
to never show up.

I wat...
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May 19, 2009
I'm so sorry for not writing lately -- I've been so busy with school, semester finals and having a horrible cold that I just haven't had time for myself. It's okay, though! Only 4 more days of high school left and then I have time for you!

My next project is putting all of my writings and works together in a portfolio for my graduation party. I hope I can find all the good stuff. I'll just ex-nay the not-so-good stuff. Maybe I'll add some real good stuff on here when I find it. yipee!

I also f...
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Whatever You Do...

May 7, 2009
Life has its phases,
and its time is so bleak.
It travels across the faces
of every race, rich and weak.

The frailty of hope
chases faith held inside.
Give a friend comfort to cope,
and the permission to cry.

"Whatever you do
may seem insignificant..."
to you,
"...but it is most important,
that you do it".

The quote at the end of this poem can be found on the overpass on the corner of 10th and Sherman Ave. in Indianapolis. Everytime I pass it on my way to dad's, it makes a bigger impact on me. Eventually ...
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What doesn't kill me, will probably try again.

May 5, 2009

    I have been seated in the same bent and broken desk at Greencastle High School for the last four years, etching questions on my brain that only cut deeper and deeper everyday, now more than ever:
What am I going to learn here? I've yet to answer that question.
Where am I going to use this stuff? Two words: Standardized Tests, after that, nowhere.
And now, last but not least... Why is there such a gap in the relationship between teachers and students? Because, my dear friend, teachers get p...

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Rock on, Baby.

May 4, 2009
I found this new Hard-Rock Cafe poster, and for some reason it has inspired me to think more about baby.

I've decided if I have a girl (and we already have a nickname thanks to Sissy, my aunt - Gert), I want her to be fiesty. I don't want a dainty little girl who won't get her fingernails dirty. I want her to be what she wants to be, my dreams for her are not the dreams she has to live by. I've learned, by being a daughter myself, that Parents have an impact on their children more than they th...
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When Life Gives You Lemons...

May 4, 2009
Squeeze the juice back into the eyes of those who chose May 4th (the day that I also happen to be unvoluntarily sick) as Senior Skip Day.

I woke up yesterday morning and, of course! My throat hurt, my head was pounding, my entire body was achy, and the only thing I could take was Tylenol. So I gave myself the right dosage, told myself "Go home after Sunday School and get some rest". Well, apparently I wasn't the only sick one, because during Sunday School the Nursery worker for the day also w...
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Regret Memories.

May 2, 2009
Listen to me play like a broken record, I'm tired of repeating myself never being heard, you were wrong, but I'm the one to blame. Put me up for display, I'm so used to this shame. your reputation must be important, for you have some self righteous pedastal, to me, it's only a foot stool. Sorry honey, that's the way I feel. My story of a tragic end, is only too real. I'll take your secrets to my grave but you won't even take my memories to your fame.
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