A lot has happened since my last post. On September 18th, I became Emily Sutherlin, and on October 21st, we became incredibly proud parents of an amazingly beautiful baby girl, Lillian Olivia. She's 2 weeks old now. There's nothing better than life with her, even in the middle of the night when she decides not to sleep (though, here lately she has been sleeping fairly well through the night).

It's really difficult learning how to juggle evenly the balance between both mommy and wife. Sometimes I feel like is all about me and Lilly and Heath is being left out and forgotten, and other times I wonder if I'm missing out on Lilly's life if I have my mom watch her while Heath and I spend time together. Sometimes I forget to make Heath lunch or make sure he has pants to wear to work. Other times I neglect to check on my mom to make sure she’s not too stressed out with Lilly (but of course she never is). I guess getting the right balance is a process that takes a little more time than just 2 weeks.

I wish I could quit the rest of my life just to be with Lilly. I would drop everything if I were given the chance to never miss a moment in her life. Sadly, I know that’s not possible, so the time I have with her right now is so precious that I cherish every single second. Even those when I’m simply watching her sleep. There’s nothing better.

Lilly does give me some fright, like how she won’t lay on her back and will ONLY sleep on her tummy. She balls herself up and snoozes away, and has enough muscle in her neck already to move her head from side to side. After the first night I learned to trust that she knows to breathe, can breathe, and that God wouldn’t create her personality to be like that if she were in danger. I slept on my stomach when I was little, her dad slept on his stomach when he was a baby and obviously we’re still alive. She just makes me laugh with her little quirks; She loves bath time and being naked, she can spit her pacifier clear across a room, she snorts when she’s hungry and snores when she’s in a deep sleep and somehow mimics Heath and the positions he lays in. I love waking up and looking over at Heath and seeing him sprawled out on his side of the bed, one hand above his head and the other at his side (sometimes drooling), and then looking up in Lilly’s bassinet to see her in the exact same position, only with spit-up coming out of her mouth instead of just spit.

For now I have to kill a spider climbing up the wall and wash some bottles before she wakes up. I will write again when I find some “writer” time. Right now I have to be a housewife.