I don't picture God being unapproachable light, with diamonds and rubies and gold. I'm not saying that's not who he is, but to me, God is somewhat like C.S. Lewis, with countless years of wisdom and philosophy sitting on my porch swing giving me advice on my life. Kings aren't intimidating to me, but knowledge and wisdom are - and God is wisdom and knowledge. I don't want to picture what it would be like to be in God's presence in Heaven - I'm saving that for when He's called me home, because I know my ideas will always fall short.

When I talk to God, I don't close my eyes. I look at a wall or the ceiling, and I have conversations with him. I say what I have to say, and then I try to imagine His reactions - His laughter at the silly things I think up and pray for, His sympathy with my heartaches, and his joy when I thank Him for something I did. i used to try and talk to myself in things that he would say, and it almost always ended in "No, God wouldn't say it like that" or even "God wouldn't say that at all".

My point, is that you can worship God however you like - as long as it's real and personal. Real and personal isn't God just knowing your name and you coming to him when you need help. Personally real is spending time with him, telling him about yourself even though he already knows things about you that you don't know. It's about a King caring and loving his children, and his children loving him so much they choose to also be his servants. We were created for God, we were created in his image. The image I see is gray hair, clothes that never go out of style, eyes that have seen the world, a smile, and the heart of a child.