Right now, I have this crazy little six year old running around my living room. Oh, yeah... that's my little sister.
I should probably explain myself before I venture any further. I am 18 years old, and I've been writing since I was about 8. Writing is my passion, but it is not my calling. I am a spontanious writer, and it pains me when I have to make sense of my own ideas.
I will be going to school to become an RN for the next two years, and after that I will be on my way to becoming a neonatalogist.
Did I mention I'm going to have a baby? I'm due in mid-October, and I'm super excited! I would dwell on the bad things about it (i.e. I'm not married, don't have a job, and have no education at the moment), but that's pointless now. I will be getting married (or rather, our ceremony is) on November 14, to Heath Sutherlin. We will find in late May, the gender. We haven't exactly puzzled names together, but I will let you know when we have them!
I hope you enjoy reading these, however they aren't exactly written for a reader's pleasure. I write because it's the only thing I do right, and because it helps me relieve my stress, anger, and sadness. I will warn you: very rarely will you find a poem about happiness. I'm not pessimistic or depressed, but my poems work better when I have strong emotions to back them up (including love, joy, and peace).

Carpe Diem!