I'm so sorry for not writing lately -- I've been so busy with school, semester finals and having a horrible cold that I just haven't had time for myself. It's okay, though! Only 4 more days of high school left and then I have time for you!

My next project is putting all of my writings and works together in a portfolio for my graduation party. I hope I can find all the good stuff. I'll just ex-nay the not-so-good stuff. Maybe I'll add some real good stuff on here when I find it. yipee!

I also find out in about a week if I'm going to have a boy or girl! I'm so excited I could burst! Okay... not yet. But close enough.

Time for more studying! I will talk to you soon!


P.S. Please pray for Heath, he's been looking for a job until he's practically drained of all energy but to go to interviews. It's so hard to find a job right now. It's so frustrating... I know that it isn't his fault, but it just seems like since no one is calling him back that he's not doing anything. Pray for my patience as well!