Each one of these is a seperate poem, written on seperate paper, I just didn't want to waste posts over these, in case it didn't interest someone. This is a newer form of writing, and something I've just picked up on within the last few months.

I finally threw out

All the poems

That I couldn’t

Let go of




I never really

Wrote anything

About you.




I’m afraid of so much

More than what I’ve told you.

I wish I could write

Everything down,

But I don’t want condemned.



I write just like you.

I say the same things

And I feel the same way.

I just word them

So the meaning

Gets distorted.




Actually, I don’t care

As much as I say

I do.

I’d just rather not be





Please God,

I want to be like her.

It’s okay if I go crazy

In the process.




I wish I had that cool

Way of writing

Like you.